Speaker Series: Deb Fleming + Dave Norris

Join us on Thursday, August 16 at 7pm for our next Speaker Series. Deb Fleming, executive director of Texas Dance Hall Preservation, and Arlington-based photographer Dave Norris will share images from the organization's new photography exhibit, Two-Step Your Way Through Time in Historic Texas Dance Halls. The exhibit is a "virtual tour" of historic halls and shows their importance to the communities in which they are located. Texas Dance Hall Preservation is committed to saving historic Texas dance halls and the authentic music and culture that is still found in them. Unfortunately, many of the historic halls are already lost and the ones that remain are at risk. TDHP uses photography as one

Learn Photoshop

RSVP This beginner’s to intermediate class is powerful even if you have some previous experience with Photoshop. You’ll get a full update on new features, brush-up on tools and work-flows, and learn how to apply professional working techniques. Using real world image files and professional work-flows, you’ll learn how to: Enhance and retouch digital photos Create compelling composites Output files ready for print or online publishing Highlights Get familiar with the user interface, tools and workspaces, and learn important terms related to photo editing Understand digital photos, pixels and image resolution, and get an overview of the different image file formats Make photos look better usin

Learn Lightroom

RSVP In this two-part class, learn how to use Adobe Lightroom to organize, review, and store your digital photographs. Learn how to edit and enhance them using the built-in features of Lightroom. Organize photos and share them almost anywhere, add metadata, edit and develop digital photos. Your Adobe Certified Instructor will teach you how to get the best out of your pictures. Highlights Get to know the user interface and the general work-flow How to import and store media files Organize media using keywords, star ratings, filtering, and more Enhance photos using white balance, exposure and other color correction settings Crop and straighten images, learn remove red eyes, spots, and blemishe

Speaker Series: John Lockhart

Join us for our Speaker Series on Thursday, July 26 from 7:00-8:30pm. Photographer and printmaker John Lockhart of Retrograde Studio will show some of his photographs and discuss his focus on the carbon transfer printing process. Carbon transfer printing is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful photographic processes. Carbon transfer prints differ from all other types of photographic prints because the image sits on top of the paper surface which produces a relief, or third dimension of the image. Check out John's carbon printing channel on YouTube! RSVP #HollandPhotoImaging #SpeakerSeries #JohnLockhart #carbontransferprinting #analogphotography #Austin