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Photo Organizing


Printed Photos and Memorabilia
Do you have bins full of printed photos, slides, kids' artwork, or other memorabilia? We use various strategies to sort, curate, and organize your collection in a way that works for you — by theme, chronologically, etc. This process often includes removing duplicates, cataloging, labeling, and archiving. We offer archival storage solutions as well.

Digital Photos
Overwhelmed by the thousands of digital pictures you have stored on your phone, computer, and other media? Let us gather your images from those various devices to create your "digital photo hub." We'll sort and organize the images, remove duplicates, rename files so they are easier to
find, tag and label key photos with metadata including dates, names, or stories, and provide backup solutions. We'll also teach you how to maintain your digital photo collection going forward.

How Do I Get Started?
Your organizing project begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss your time frame and goals. We'll ask how you want to use and enjoy your photos; what your collection looks like now; and what computer systems and devices you currently use. Depending on the nature of the
project, work can be done in your home, office, or our shop. Contact our professional photo archivist, Reagan Ellis, at care@
or 512.442.4274 to schedule your initial consultation. Organizing, projects, and further consultations are $75/hour. 

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