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Eliminate Mobile Photo Clutter

We all have those images of receipts, movie tickets, or duplicate shots of the same event. In the new year, spend a little time cleaning up those unnecessary shots and getting them off your system. Here's how:

  • Slowly work your way through your image library and eliminate shots you don't want to keep. Your goal is to curate your collection and keep only the best of the best shots that are meaningful enough to keep.

  • Work on image de-cluttering while you're in line at the airport, waiting in the carpool lane, on vacation, or killing time surfing the web.

  • Make sure facial recognition is set up properly on your device so you can better sort images in the future.

  • Create and label folders or albums with dates, themes, or subject matter. Doing this today will be well worth the effort when it comes time to gather images for that graduation montage or a wedding video.



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