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Setting Your Camera's White Balance

Have you ever taken a photo that came out looking too yellow, blue, or green? White balance is a digital camera setting that removes unrealistic color casts so objects that appear white in person are rendered white in your photo. Our eyes can accurately judge what is white under different light sources, but digital cameras often have difficulty with Auto White Balance (AWB).

To get good white balance, take your camera out of AWB. Your white balance setting can be accessed either in your camera’s menu or using a dedicated button labeled “WB” on your camera’s body.

White Balance Presets

Because AWB isn’t perfect, cameras have white balance presets which will give you approximate white balance for common lighting settings. The typical options are incandescent (a light bulb icon), fluorescent (a fluorescent tube), daylight (the sun), flash (a jagged arrow), cloudy (a cloud), and shade (a house with shade on one side). Presets work well as long as the light comes from a single source.

More complex l