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We move and remove mountains, buildings, and people!


Restorations are a three-step process.


Originals 12x16 and smaller are scanned. A 25MB scan is $11.69. A scan this size will allow us to make a print the same size as your original. Originals larger than 12x16 and up to 48x60 require that we photograph your original. The copy photograph is $25.00. A copy photograph will allow us to make a print up to 24x36.

Restoration costs vary based on the level of repair needed to bring the digitized file of your original to excellent condition. Pricing is as follows:

Light restoration: $20.00 for 15 minutes. Includes repairing spots; bringing back color; improving faded originals; removing “red eye”; etc.

Medium restoration: $40.00 for 30 minutes. Includes fixing scratches, tears, cracks, etc. that have not damaged facial areas; rebuilding missing background pieces; cleaning up water damage; etc.

Heavy restoration: $80.00 per hour. Includes adding colorization; repairing damage to facial areas; repairing areas where photo was damaged when stuck to glass; reassembling a torn photograph; etc.

Restoration costs are for each original. Quotes on restoration time are provided after we review your original in-person. You will receive a digital file of the restored photo on a CD.

Printing your restored photo is optional. Please ask us about print size, paper options, and cost.


All restorations are done digitally; we cannot restore your original photograph. 



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