Large Format Photographic Prints

Paper Surfaces

GlossyMost vibrant colors with a highly reflective, glossy finish. 

Lustre Our most popular photo paper option. A satin finish with vibrant colors and excellent skin tones.

Pearl MetallicA metallic base adds a shimmer and vibrant colors. Highly reflective, glossy finish. 

Deep MatteTrue non-reflective matte paper. Great for skin tones, soft images, and black & whites.

Our Chromira 50" printer outputs digital files onto traditional color photographic paper. These archival photographic prints have a longevity of 100 years in typical display conditions.

All prints are made to the technician’s best discretion concerning color, density, and contrast unless requested otherwise at time the order is first placed. Please submit a guide print if you would like your image printed a specific way. Prints from film will require an Imacon ProScan first. Click here for details.

We cannot guarantee a side-by-side match if you submit prints made by other labs using different materials or processes; printed pictures from magazines; originals from offset printing presses; paintings; cloth swatches; etc. We will match your guide as closely as the process and materials allow. Test strips are $10.00 each.

We cannot guarantee your prints to match the way they look on your monitor especially if you are not working on a color-managed system. Please see the our Digital File Size Guide for specifications on submitting your digital files for printing. Please do not submit files larger than those given below for your print size.

Digital File Size Guide

Save file as flattened jpg or tif; no compression; 8-bits per channel; RGB