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Meet Our Team: Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton Holland Photo

Steve Clayton is our go-to problem solver. If you have a question about digital printing, ask Steve. His knowledge and experience helps keep our equipment running. Steve processes more than 450 rolls of color and B&W film every week. He also runs our Chromira printer to produce our exhibition-quality photographic prints.

How long have you worked at Holland Photo Imaging?

21 years at all three locations.

What was your first camera?

Diana camera

What is your favorite camera?

Contax G2

Who has influenced your work?

How did you get interested in photography?

I was always interested. As a child, I would shoot on the Diana camera and wait for the prints to come back from the drugstore developer.

Film or digital?

Film has more flexibility and possible uses.

How did you end up in Austin?

I was born in West Texas. When I wanted to move to Austin in 1979, I interviewed with a lab owner who paid to have me move from Lubbock so that I could work on printing archival prints for the LBJ Library.

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