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Save Your Photos!

Photos in any form are fragile. When a natural disaster, digital malfunctions, or human error occurs, treasured memories are lost forever. Backing up our digital photos and scanning and saving the vintage ones is necessary for the long haul.

How to Observe "Save Your Photos Month"

  • On a regular basis, back up your digital photos to an external hard drive.

  • Write down the dates, names, ages, and locations to describe what you want to remember about your photos. Tag your digital photos with this same information.

  • Find five photos to frame and display so you can enjoy them every day.

  • Call a family member for the story behind an unknown photo.

  • Create a reminder on your phone to back-up new photos monthly.

  • Each week, delete the unwanted photos from your phone.

  • Store your printed photos and memorabilia in archival containers and located in rooms with average temperatures and low humidity. Avoid basements and attics.

  • Create an online family archive so you can collaborate and share photos with family members.

  • Scan your printed photos and slides to extend their life. You'll create a backup and increase your ability to share and enjoy your memories.

  • Create a photo book of a vacation, children's birthdays, the life of a family member, etc,

  • Restore a damaged photograph to its original condition.

  • Create fun photo gifts such as mugs, coasters, magnets, note cards, calendars - the options are endless!

  • Think beyond the photo. Postcards, letters, journals, mementos, recipes, kids' schoolwork, scrapbooks, birth certificates, and other person documents are meaningful and should be saved too.

Want to organize or archive your collection? We can help!

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