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Support Artisans in Guatemala

Holland Photo Imaging is now offering camera straps from Austin-based Purse & Clutch. The camera straps were produced using as many handmade processes as possible to help sustain as many jobs as possible.

Purse & Clutch's mission is to help support sustainable, long-term employment for men and women with limited opportunities by connections to international markets. They take the guesswork out of whether or not an item is made responsibly. The artisan groups that Purse & Clutch works with abide by at the very least the following ethical principles:

  • There is no forced labor or child labor;

  • Artisans are paid a living wage for their region and work in a positive environment;

  • They have a long-term relationship of sustainable work with their artisan groups;

  • The artisan groups are conscious of their social, economic, and environmental impact on their country and ours; and

  • They have a strict nondiscrimination policy based on gender, race, caste, political affiliation or age.

These beautiful, handmade camera straps are available in three designs online or in our shop.

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