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Meet Our Team: Eric Gamon

Eric Gamon

Eric Gamon is our inkjet printing and photo/art finishing expert. He handles all of our fine art paper and canvas printing as well as our custom framing, canvas stretching, and print mounting services. In addition, Eric is skilled at using Photoshop, judges color at an expert level, and is a talented photographer. Hobbies include Harry Potter fandom (Eric has a real wand!).

Film or digital? Why?

Film, duh. The way film translates colors and tones is so lovely. Also, there is something magical and exciting about waiting to see what your photographs look like.

First camera?

photo by Eric Gamon

Canon AE-1

Favorite camera?

My first camera, mainly for sentimental reasons.

Favorite photographer?

How did you get interested in photography?

I have always been obsessed with films and wanted to become a filmmaker - I just had no idea how to get into filmmaking so I settled with photography, haha. But! I fell completely in love with photography, and I’ve followed it since.

How did you end up in Austin?

Late summer of 2011, I moved to Austin to begin attending Texas State. However, after just one semester, convinced that school was simply not for me and vowing never to return, I dropped out. Three years later, I decided to return to school, and I graduated from St. Edward’s in 2016.

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